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Worst advertisement to make you stay in school You decide

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Teens look on as 5 Pointz is demolished.

Teens look on as 5 Pointz is demolished.

In case you’re wondering what OKC is like.

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Yesterday I realized I’ve spent half my life living in post-9/11 fear.

My heart still speeds up when I see planes over NYC. 8 years of living in this city and it still happens every day.


I can’t think of a better way to honor a biting comedic icon like Joan Rivers, who died today at 81, than to post this clip of her preparing to have sex with Louis C.K. “It’s for your sake, not for mine.”

You will be missed, Joan.

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When I die, I hope the Westboro Baptist Church pickets my funeral. That way I’ll know I did something truly remarkable in my life.

Amazing people keep leaving

This one time in college…Robin Williams improv-ed sexts from the Tiger Woods scandal as Mrs. Doubtfire to a small room of us students. I haven’t been the same since.

I have never been in the presence of an actor more sincere, serious, honest, warm, and enthusiastic as I was in that classroom with Robin Williams. Honored and grateful to have had that experience.

Flat out genuine.